Free Field Test Chambers

Picture_128Picture_121The SuperSoft compact panel chamber lining offers a practical and economic alternative for many hemi anechoic testing applications,  such as in automotive appliance components. Supersoft high performance perforated metallic modular absorber panels are installed using a track and batten system.The “V” ridged panel facings help maximize the panels performance.



<span title=' (1) The process of dissipating sound energy. (2) The property possessed by materials, objects and structures such as rooms of absorbing sound energy. (3) A: [L2]; metric sabin---in a specified frequency band, the measure of the magnitude of the absorptive property of a material, an object, or a structure such as a room.' class='definition'>Sound Absorption</span> Report


Super Soft Compact Panel Lining

Treatment 10 to 18 Inches