Eckel Eckoustic Modular Panel (EMP) Systems & Enclosures are the ideal solution for reducing and isolating excessive worksite noise. They offer effective long-term solutions to industrial noise problems...providing quieter, more productive and OSHA compliant work areas.

Our pre-engineered, structurally strengthened panels combine outstanding sound control properties with tremendous versatility. Eckel EMPs provide effective noise control for any application.

  • Highly Absorptive Acoustical Insulation for optimum noise isolation and prevention of  reverberant build-up.
  • Easy to install
  • Rugged building block construction
  • Unique modular feature: Individual panels can be easily extracted for quick access to enclosed machinery

Remarkable Versatility: protective walls, partial enclosures, full enclosures. Easy to install, modify or relocate.

Easy to install, modify or relocate, the EMP component system of 4" thick sound rated panels and accessories allow a degree of construction freedom not possible with conventional acoustic panel systems. With Eckel Eckoustic Modular Panels, a plant engineer, safety director, OEM manufacturer, architect, or maintenance supervisor can easily create the ideal structure necessary for any given application.

Readily adaptable to changing needs

The EMP system is truly modular. The basic elements of the system - standard panels, window panels, and door panels - are removable and interchangeable. Sliding doors can also be incorporated into an EMP structure.

EMP walls/enclosures can be expanded without loss of acoustic integrity, by the addition of extra panels. Panels can be disassembled & walls/enclosures can be easily re-erected in different locations using the component parts.

Excellent acoustical control for noisy areas

Both transmission loss and sound absorption are optimized with EMPs. Panels are constructed with a solid face on one side, a perforated absorptive face on the other, and an incombustible acoustic fill for additional sound isolation. There are no problems of long-term maintenance of the panel’s outstanding acoustic performance. Dismantling and reassembling EMPs does not degrade their performance.