Eckel Delta Acoustic Panels (DAPs) are high performance "unit" sound absorbing panels designed to be flush mounted on wall and ceiling surfaces; Their unique design and edge geometry provide maximum sound absorption in flush mounted wall and ceiling settings. Sleek and refined, a Delta peforated metal acoustical panel system can be installed without disturbing existing utilities, such as lighting, ventilation, diffusers, sprinklers, etc.


 High Performance Coupled with Modern Architectural Design

Eckel Delta Acoustic Panels combine the functionality of excellent acoustical treatment with elegant modern aesthetic design. They allow for a serene acoustic ambiance.



detailsDAPs Condensed Specifications

CONSTRUCTION: Delta Acoustic Panels shall be fabricated of 22 ga perforated electroplated steel or .032 aluminum, with a special 135° returned side and end construction. Perforations shall be 3/32" holes on 3/16" staggered centers. Panel attachment is by 16 ga angle mounting brackets.

LABORATORY TEST DATA: Acoustic performance of panels shall be certified to meet the following minimum sound absorption (given in Sabins/panel) when tested in accordance with ASTM C-423 as conducted by an independent laboratory as expressed for a 24" x 88" x 2" or 24" x 88" x 3" thick panel with acoustic fill encapsulated in 1.5 mil flameguard polyethylene wrap.

Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
2" - flush 4.52 11.55 11.65 18.32 13.19 9.02
3"-2" space 8.44 16.85 25.20 19.49 15.83 12.59

Standard finish is white polyurethane paint. Matched colors are available as an option. 

SIZE:  Standard panel sizes are 24" x 42" and 24" x 88". Panel thickness is 2" or 3".